Current Contracts


U.S. Army Counter – Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) Program Office

   Prime Contractor – Northrop Grumman (HC1028-08-D-2023) 

  • Operate and maintain an Army weapon system on Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) that provide Sense and Warn capabilities Counter - Rocket Artillary and Mortar threats.
  • Supported previously nine (9) locations in Iraq and to as many as 24 FOBs or Combat Outposts (COPS) in Afghanistan simultaneously.
  • Provide Deployment Support Center personnel to provide lodging and meal services for all C-RAM Operators during their 10-week CONUS training period.
  • Provide uniform and personal equipment for all deploying Operators, as well as resupply for those on extended tours.


Ground-Based, Mid-Course Defense (GMD) Development and Sustainment Contract

   Prime Contractor – Boeing/Northrop Grumman (HQ0147-12-C-0004)

  • Provide technical specialty areas to include planning, developing and conducting analysis programs or studies to establish the feasibility of systems/ subsystems/ components meeting requirements and/or adequacy of design.
  • Support strategic planning and implementation of the GMD DSC Stockpile Reliability Program (SRP), Reliability Growth (RG), Service Life Extension (SLE) and weapon system assessments.
  • Perform risk management, sustainment engineering, system assessment and lifecycle supportability engineering tasks.
  • Develop test plans to analyze Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Conduct aging sensitivity analysis and collect test operations data to develop future programs.


Fort Rucker Gunnery Range and Training Complex

   Prime Contractor – Strategic Defense Solutions (W9124G-16-C-0003) 

  •   SDS supports the US Army by operating and maintaining the more than 35 distinct training facilities and roughly 57,800 acres that contitute the Ft. Rucker Traning Complex
  •   Ranges include: small arms, pistol, grenade, sniper, machine gun, aviation gunnery, and simulation training in: convoy, land navigation, tactical training, urban ops and downed helicopter
  • Range Operations
              Maintain and coordinate range use and schedule
              Operate the ranges for using units
              24/7 manning of the Firing Desk
              Maintain the Aviation Vertical Obstruction Identification Database
              Supply operation and mail distribtuion
  • Maintenance and Repair Operations
              Facilities: firing positions, points, stations, structures, and equipment
              Targetry: targets, electrical systems, electronics, pneumatics, and mechanical
              Grounds: earthwork, clearing, seeding, grading, explosives clearing
              Roads: 68 miles of grading, signage, culverts, drainage, and rights of way

Sypris Business Development Services

       Customer – Sypris Electronics, LLC (10793-LD) 


Radar Operational Assessment

       Customer – Saab, North America (13-SAAB-01)